[Mp3] RINI – Out Of The Blue

RINI – Out Of The Blue R&B singer-songwriter RINI has released his new track titled “Out of the Blue.” Over the hypnotic production, the Filipino-Australian artist croons, “Came out of the blue / Girl I had no clue until I met you,” as he reflects on a time when he unexpectedly found love.

“At that time in my life, I was on a really good drive with everything; music, work, family, friends, etc. and with myself. So I was just going with the flow with whatever really came my way,” RINI shares about the song. “The least I expected was to meet anyone in a romantic way, until I reconnected with an old friend of mine. We both had been friends for a long time and were unaware of the fact that we had the same feelings for one another. Eventually, those were disclosed and things just started happening from there – things that I never expected. It was all completely ‘out of the blue.’

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RINI – Out Of The Blue

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