CRYPTO: Next-gen decentralized NFT NEFTiPEDiA token listed on DsDaq exchange

Next-gen decentralized NFT NEFTiPEDiA token listed on DsDaq exchange

NEFTiPEDiA is a next-generation decentralized NFT that enhances the growth of digital artists, creators, investors, and collectors of all marketplaces. It supports the investors by offering  Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a commission-free platform. Predicting the future with blockchain and digital assets, NEFTiPEDiA created a healthy ecosystem through their products and services. 

Moreover, the emerging hype for NFTs enabled NEFTiPEDiA (NFTi) to be listed on DsDaq  Exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange platform provides an innovative crypto collateral trading system for users. Additionally, users can buy, trade, and withdraw NEFTiPEDiA (NFTi) on DsDaq which starts on these dates:

  • Deposit: June 25th, 2021 at 11:00 AM (UTC+8)
  • Trading: June 25th, 2021 at 05:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal: June 26th, 2021 at 11:00 AM (UTC+8)
  • Trading pair: NFTi/USDT.

Furthermore, the current price of the NEFTiPEDiA token is $0.0215.  Notably, NEFTiPEDiA targets to reach $1 tokens by the end of 2022. The token will soon be listed on top crypto exchanges. The token listing on exchanges will provide solutions for people who wonder how to buy the NEFTiPEDiA tokens. 

NEFTiPEDiA Current ICO Project

NEFTiPEDiA recently launched its ICO to build the platform for the wide-scale NFT marketplace. Through the launch, it is recorded that lots of users are enjoying the ongoing ICO. 

Additionally, the platform blocked a total of 250,000,000 $NFT tokens for the ICO launch. And in which 393,383 token sales have been completed. Moreover, the ICO launch made Crypto investors experience non-fungible tokens as a remarkable choice for long-term investments. 

Thus, ICO is expected to end in 36 days, after which winners of the ICO event will be announced and rewarded. 

NEFTiPEDiA’s Successful Airdrop Event

NEFTiPEDiA organized and conducted an airdrop event of a total of $3 worth of NFT tokens to airdrop participantsUsers were simply guided to complete simple social tasks, and follow all of NEFTiPEDiA’s social media platforms. 

In addition, NEFTiPEDiA announces verified users will earn rewards of $3 worth of NFT tokens within 3 days after the completion of ICO. More so, NEFTiPEDiA successfully ended the airdrop event reaching beyond the target of 30,000 participants. In which, 25K users have already collected their airdrop rewards. 

Therefore, with high technological achievements and innovative ideas, NEFTiPEDiA gains popularity in the marketplace. Besides, there are high chances for NEFTiPEDiA to hit the market and fulfill its project beyond milestones.

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